What Boston Students Are Saying

“I liked how he showed us how he was underwater and how he designed his book.” 
3rd Grader, on Author and Illustrator Jason Chin

“There’s always a way to make your writing more interesting!”
4th Grader, on Author Susan E. Goodman

“It was interesting and fun! There was lady bugs and different types of things I didn’t know about those bugs.”
4th Grader, on Author Loree Burns

“I liked it when Pat gave us support for when we’re authors, like what you can do to improve your stories or poems.”
5th Grader, on Author Pat Mora

“He likes to SING his poems and he always changes his voice. I liked that."
Kindergartener, on Author and Illustrator Ashley Bryan

“I am going to continue to draw, I want to be just like him.”
2nd Grader, on Author and Illustrator Jef Czekaj

What Educators Are Saying

“[We] feel so connected to the author because we've met her. There is ‘ownership’ — the author has been here and know us. The author has become ‘our author.’ I think it makes a difference for the kids... Kids think it’s amazing and they are still reading her books.”
— Librarian at the Mather School about Author/Illustrator Grace Lin's visit

“I thought Pat’s reading of the poem we had studied gave the students a chance to think about it from a new perspective. It was also fantastic for the students to see Pat smiling as they read her their poems.”
Teacher at the Rafael Hernandez Bilingual School about Author Pat Mora's visit

“Students were very engaged. It was a real life example of a published author following the writing process that we follow on a daily basis at school.”
Teacher at the Winship School about Author/Illustrator Jason Chin's visit

“The teachers and students loved it. It connected very well with their poetry unit in writing. David Elliot was warm and loving with the children. They are going to have a wonderful memory of meeting a real author. I also liked his technique for getting the group engaged in writing the poem, finding rhyming words, coming up with ideas and lines, and so on.”
Librarian at the Trotter School about Author David Elliott's visit

“Little things, like we had [the author’s] writing on the wall for a few weeks afterwards as we revised. She said she wrote bout what she loved and what she knew, so we echoed her word. It was a powerful reference point in conferences with the kids. It gave [the work] energy and credence that a pro author came to hear [it]. The Workshop was engaging and applicable to students of all levels. Ms. Perkins was extremely positive when reading and analyzing the students’ writing. She also encouraged and fostered writing of all abilities.”
Teacher at the Boston Collegiate School about Author Matali Perkins

“He is most engaging, very warm. The kids related to him completely from the moment they entered the auditorium!  The kids have not stopped talking about him. Thank you for blessing us with Ashley Bryan’s presence!”
Teacher at the Winthrop School about Author Ashley Bryan 

“They loved it. Now they think every author comes with music and cat ears. This was probably the most fun author visit ever. I hope he enjoyed it too. The principal and assistant principal stayed for an entire 45-minute presentation with one class.”
Librarian at the Trotter School about Author/Illustrator Jef Czekaj’s visit